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  • Kansas City Public Library Plaza Branch is hosting a special screening of Order 86 followed by a talk-back session with film creators Richard Buswell and Alex Paxton on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.  For more details, check the Library's facebook page here

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  • Rent or buy the HD Stereo version of the film from  Vimeo.

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  • Includes 5.1 Surround and Stereo options, the Cinemasochists Comic Commentary track, over 300 Behind the Scenes Photos, Alternate Ending, Movie Trailers, Posters and Invisible FX webisodes.

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  • For sale at Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback format
  • A different set of surprises from the film!

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Order 86


A two hour journey through the day and night of an actress (waitress) who unknowingly comes into possession of a computer virus that could wipe out the world's technology.

When the intelligence community from every nation comes after her, she will have no idea who to trust or where to turn. Will she survive?


Starring Laurie Catherine Winkel and Coleman Crenshaw.


Alex Paxton has written the official novelization of Order 86, the movie.  Alex and Richard Buswell conceived of the story for Order 86, co-wrote the script, co-produced the film and put on multiple hats to make the film into a reality.  Richard directed the film, Alex was 1st Assistant Director.  Alex choreographed the fights and stunts in the film, while Richard acted as Stunt Coordinator.  While Richard focused on post-production tasks, Alex spent his time writing the novelization of the film.

The novel is very similar to the film, but not completely identical.  Each version of Order 86, both book and film, have their own unique surprises to offer.  While you will get the general gist of the story either way you experience it, if you read the book and watch the film, you will be caught off guard with the particular twists and turns particular to each presentation.

The book is a fast-paced read and can be found in the Kindle format.  Plans are underway to release it on the Nook platform and, in the not-to-distant future, as a paperback novel.

The film is currently making the rounds of the Film Festival circuit, but it will also be available shortly for rent and purchase on Vimeo, soon to be followed up with a Blu-ray/DVD package.

Read the book.  Watch the film. Do both.  You will be entertained.

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